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Red Carpet Christmas Dinner

The Sisterhood Christmas Dinner is a night where we celebrate & honour the women who have contributed towards EGH / W4W
throughout the year and celebrate the importance of Sisterhood.

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Glam Con 2017

A platform for female entrepreneurs in the Beauty, Hair & Fashion Industries to promote their brands and network all while the Sisterhood community shop and have some girl time.
Being an entrepreneur herself, founder, LeAnne Dlamini, knew some of the challenges she faced running an online business and saw the need to give other female run businesses a boost. Looking forward to many more fabulous Glam Concepts.

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NMCH High Tea

The recipient for our annual High Tea For Change in 2017 was the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital.
All proceeds from ticket sales as well as each End Girl Hate t-shirt sold on the day was donated to the hospital to ensure that no child will be turned away
due to their inability to afford access to quality healthcare.

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FLAG – Eesterust

With the overwhelming increase in domestic violence against women and children worldwide,we partnered with Elite Self Defense Academy to teach women and children simple steps and ways to protect themselves if they ever needed to.
Fight Like A Girl has proven to be very successful and we look forward to equipping many more women & children with these important skills.

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EGH Canada Launch

Canada became our second Sisterhood branch outside of South Africa launching in August 2017.
The Movement is run by Queen, Mom, Boss, Elle Meija, founder of Pretty Girls Work. 

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